Will Smith Tries to Balance Humor and Drama in “Hancock”

By Desmond Miller-Editor

OK, Will Smith wants to be a superhero now…I’ll buy that. It’s pretty much the way everyone will feel after seeing his new movie “Hancock”.

The movie stars Will Smith as John Hancock, an amnesiac superman who can do anything he wants to – it’s just that he doesn’t get along with people. This presents a problem not only when you are trying to save them, but also at the cost of millions of dollars worth of property damage.

So that’s the plot of the movie; an unlikable superman who has to find his place in a world where he is alone…or isn’t he?

I won’t go into any spoilers because I liked the movie and I feel that most movie goers will enjoy it too.

The one problem I do have is that Will Smith needs to learn how to walk the fine line between funny and dramatic. When he is funny he is golden, but when he has to switch to drama it seems awkward, like he doesn’t know what’s expected of him. If he can overcome this, he honestly could become the next Tom Hanks.

Good luck Mr. Smith.

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