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Have Your Say: Should hoverboards be banned from our campus?

By Cassie Ordonio and Photos by Franchon Smith

SFSU recently banned hoverboards from their campus. Should hoverboards be banned from our campus?

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Gerardo Cano, 23, Business and Administration

“I feel like they should. First of all, there’s not a lot of space for hoverboards. We barely have room for bikes and scooters. They are dangerous by themselves. It’s lazy and it’s not eco-friendly.”


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Demetrius Ferguson, 18, Business Management

“No not at all. I do not think hoverboards should be banned because it’s a special way of getting around. My hoverboard that I have has music on it, so that’s my device to get around. You’re not running into people, and they’re not harming anyone. So, there’s no reason they should be banned in my opinion.”


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Jamir Martin, 19, Electrical Engineering

“I feel like hoverboards should be banned from this campus because in school people should be able to walk around. It’s an environment where people should be free and at home to walk and go to class. It can be a distraction to other people because what if somebody falls or what if it blows up? There’s a place and a time for hoverboards to be at use.”


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Ed Franklin, Campus Control Officer

“Unless I know it’s a safe device that you can spend your time on. Skateboards have been around for a long time, but they’re banned from school because it can go flying off and hit another car from the sidewalk. I think with these things there’s an added risk. For me personally, I don’t like it  because it hasn’t been around long enough.”


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Emily Haddad, 27, Biology

“I think they should be under the same restrictions as skateboards. They are slightly dangerous because you’re moving faster than people walking, and it’s all about being respectful to the people around you. So, I think that’s the rules that they should follow.”

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