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By Joel Wagner


“Their mission purpose is to save money, regardless of what happens to the students. I think the administrators want to be paid, and I think they kind of collude amongst the higher paid executives or the administrators up top, and to just keep their money flowing, they cut classes. I think it should be more focused on the student, and like what they want, and maybe they can figure out other ways to generate revenue.”
— Thilanka Rodrigo (Business)


“To be a community college for the community, not just students transferring to 2 year universities, but anybody that wants to take a class to improve themselves, whether they be a senior citizen, a stay-at-home mom or anybody that wants to improve themselves. If you look at the classes they’ve cut, it’s the art classes, and especially the physical education classes and the health classes. I know a lot of senior citizens that were taking those and now they don’t have the opportunity.”
— Regina Buoni (No major)


“Well to definitely support students that are here and get them through the program that they’re in, because some students are clueless. Giving direction I think, give them a start: ‘Ok this is what I should do.’ When I first got here, I was like ok, you know, you see counselors. They ask questions about what your interests are and all that, but then, there’s a sense it’s not really personal. There’s a gap between the counselor and the student, in my experience anyway.”
— Sam Savangsy (Philosophy)


“So, what I think the mission is of City College is to provide higher education for anybody whether they’re young, old, anything in-between. I think they are doing that well, definitely for sure, and just to be able to provide resources for students to be able to go into high levels, or anything like that.”
— Alyssa Hilzinger (Business Administration)
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