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Have your say: Do you feel safe riding a bike in San Francisco?

Janice Suess, 19
Cinema Production
Kind of. When I get around cars, sometimes they pull out in front of you. The city’s good about providing bike lanes. This is the first time in months that I’ve ridden my bike to school. A car almost hit me, so I took a break from riding.
(Santiago Mejia / The Guardsman)
Amy Belgan, 35
Web Design
Yes. The green bike lanes—there are a lot of them. I used to live in New York and I almost feel safer here. People wear helmets here. I feel like there’s a bigger bike community here.
(Santiago Mejia / The Guardsman)
Dimitrios Philliou, 20
I got hit by a car while biking in 2011, ambulance had to take me, I spat out a tooth or two. It’s somewhat dangerous, but it’s also a matter on how you go about it, Like I wasn’t wearing a helmet. If i’m late to school, I ride my bike, it’s faster than the bus.(Santiago Mejia / The Guardsman)
Michael Needham, 53
Business instructor
“I ride only a few times a week, but yeah it’s pretty safe. although stuff happens. I got hit a couple weeks ago. I got a car as well but prefer to ride a bike”.
(Santiago Mejia / The Guardsman)
Gordon Wu, 18,
Criminal Justice
Hell no, I don’t feel safe. I got my bike robbed two months ago.
(Santiago Mejia / The Guardsman)


Manon Walker, 23
Graphic Design, Art
I ride my nearly every day. it’s safer than walking. as long as you respect the rules, you will be safe, I don’t consider biking as sport or exercise, I rather use it for recreational use or to commute
(Santiago Mejia / The Guardsman)

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