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Have Your Say: How do you buy your textbooks?

Photos by Cassie Ordonio, Reporting by Margaret Weir

HaveYourSay_Cassie_RGB (1 of 5)Amelia Bello

20, International Relations

“Amazon has a pretty good program where you can rent textbooks.”

HaveYourSay_Cassie_RGB (5 of 5)Cristian Sanchez

19, Biology

“Right now I just go to counseling and they let you borrow.”

HaveYourSay_Cassie_RGB (4 of 5)Hugo Uchiyama-Cadorette

18, Undeclared

“I just bought all of them brand new.”

HaveYourSay_Cassie_RGB (3 of 5)Michelle Fonteno

25, Sociology Major

“I use CalWorks.”

HaveYourSay_Cassie_RGB (2 of 5)Tari Dunlap

25, Computer Science

“I try and buy ‘em used.”

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