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Have Your Say: Should City College police be able to carry guns?

Photos by Shannon Cole/Reporting by Margaret Weir

HaveYourSay4Jorge Velasquez
19, Undecided

“No, with what’s happening right now with shootings and people dying over guns, I don’t think it’s really under control.”

HaveYourSay3 (1)Karin Keys
Faculty, Math Department

“No, I don’t think guns should be the first solution to an altercation. There are other things.”

HaveYourSay5Danielle Palmer
19, Kinesiology Major

“No, because I don’t feel like they need guns, I don’t feel like people at City College would have guns.”

HaveYourSay2 (1)Lendell Morris
27, Social Work and Mental Health Major

“No, because police and authority tend to kill people for no reason, and even though they’re security they still feel like they’re the police, so I think they will be fine with the walkie talkies. If they have an issue they can call the police [SFPD] for real matters.”

HaveYourSay1 (1)Cassidy Chan
19, Psychology Major

“Yeah, I guess, but they should only use them as a last resort.”

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