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Have Your Say: The Student Voting Act will automatically register students to vote when they register for classes at the UC, Cal State and community college systems. What are your thoughts about this?

By Jose Duran and Photos by Cassie Ordonio

Jim Uhlman 55 Computer Science
Jim Uhlman, 55, Computer Science

“I think anytime you encourage citizens to be a part of the system is a good thing and voting is a theoretical power. Voting is good. I hate to see at any time that any program jumps in as a political solution. I’m not sure that the youth votes and that disturbs me as a citizen.”

Nardin Maroof 23 Travel and Tourism Managemen
Nardin Maroof, 23, Travel and Tourism Management

“I believe that everyone should be registered to vote, and I think it’s convenient to be registered to vote. But, there are pros and cons to it.

Di Tran 19 Marketing
Di Tran, 19, Marketing

“I think we’re not being educated or informed enough about voting so I think it’s a good thing. Normally, people our age doesn’t think about voting. I think it’s good that we have something to push us into that kinda area.”

Jeffrey Merat 29 Theatre
Jeffrey Merat, 29, Theatre

“That’s really not fair, but I guess it’s something you have to do.”

Jose Santamaria 33 Computer Science
Jose Santamaria, 33, Computer Science

“I almost didn’t register to vote. I think that being registered to vote automatically when registering for classes is good. It sort of takes away that fear of not knowing how to go about.”

Edgar Mo Lara 27 Bioengineering
Edgar Mo Lara, 27, Bioengineering

“I feel like being registered to vote is not the problem. But when somebody does something automatically for you without you asking for it, I feel like that’s unfair.”

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