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Have Your Say: What should happen to the Balboa Reservoir?

Reporting by Rita Berrios

Photos by Bridgid Skiba


Sarena Williams-Ruiz


“I think that it is convenient for the students that come here because it is really hard to find parking around here.”


Nathalie Guillen


“I think the way it is now is perfectly fine given the amount of students that City College has, it is necessary for people that come from all part of the city or outside of the city to be able to drive here and for them to be accessible for everybody, and for disable people. And if we restrict that space even more, it is going to hinder our possibility for more students.”


Makhmud Islamov

Business administration and management

“Whatever decision is going to be made, definitely is an interest that City College students should be taking into consideration. I am sure that City and the City College governing body will look at all the points of this issue and will come up with an optimal solution.”


Yannee Buorn


“I think it should be left as a parking lot because parking is expensive all over SF, it would very helpful to leave it as a parking lot.”


John Graves


“As a student I think that for people that are coming in using the space for sports or art will encourage high school student to come to this college, for example a rock climbing wall.”

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