Honors students will present research projects at Berkeley

By Don Clyde and Carlos Silva
The Guardsman

City College will show off its intellect by sending 20 honors students with a range of research topics to the 3rd Annual Bay Honors Consortium Honors Research Symposium held at UC Berkeley on May 1.

Community college honors students from 15 schools across California will give research presentations followed by a rigorous question and answer session.

“We’ll be there in strength, yet again proving that CCSF is the best and brightest community college in the state,” City College honors student Jesse Clayburgh said.

Clayburgh will present his research on gross domestic product as an inaccurate economic indicator. Other City College research topics cover a wide range of fields, including art, medicine, business and social sciences.

“Presentations will be very diverse,” Clayburgh said. “I’ve had the chance to preview several, and they promise to be exciting and informative.”

Admission is $20 for anyone wishing to attend the event. All proceeds go to the Bay Honors Consortium. The event runs from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

To find out more about the City College honors program visit or contact (415) 239-3376.



City College Honors Symposium Attendees

City College students will give presentations on a wide range of topics at the 3rd Annual Bay Honors Consortium Honors Research Symposium. The entries are research projects the students prepared for class. Below are the students and their research topics.

Sarah Brothers: Otto Dix: Unsentimental Painter of the Cruelties of World War I and Weimar Germany’s Depravity.

Jesse Clayburgh: GDP: Not All that it is Cracked up to be

Deirdre Clyde: The Lily Tribe: Same-Sex Eros in Japanese Comics and the Women Who Love It

Eleanor Drake: Roman Sarcophagi of the Late Empire

Gabrielle Everett: Paradise Lost: Justifying the Ways of God

Steven Feher: SCOTUS v. People?

Joy Flugge: Theories and Cellular Mechanisms of the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s Disease

Aliaksandr Hudzilin: Globalization and Localization Traits in Hong Kong Pop Music Industry and Sarbanes Oxley and the Future of the American Corporation

Elizabeth Johnstone-Miller: Interpreting the Black Paintings of Francisco de Goya

Wallead Khanshali: Breaking the Myth that Athletes are not Able to Maintain a Vegan Diet.

Alina Korenika: Intellectual Property Rights: Peril of the World

Jessica Kyo: Y.O.D.E.L: Youth Organizing – Development, Empowerment, and Leadership

Ho Lee: Health Insurance Industry Post-Deregulation: Lot More Bucks for Far Less Bang

Hong Meng: Six-Four Through the Eyes of a Teenager

Eric Nyeste: King Corn and the State of a Nation

Justin Park: Neuroscience and Fiction

Mikel Parraga-Wills: Little Ambassadors: High-School Foreign Exchange

Lisa (Nafis) White: Jacob Epstein : Breaking Down the Rock Drill

Ian Wilson: Relationships Between Gender, Age and Major of City College of San Francisco Students and Belief in Human Evolution

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