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How to Take Action?

I don’t really mind that Representative Ocasio Cortez wore a slogan on a dress to a cultural event because I think that statesmanship is inherently performative and that some work gets done that way. I think Quannah Chasinghorse’s attendance and attire, for example, were powerful. I think Aurora James’ dress’s call to “Tax the Rich” was tepid and wish Ocasio Cortez had chosen to join the protestors outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art instead. Her celebrity might have protected Black Lives Matter protestors from being brutalized by the police that day.

I have opinions about what other people should have done, but I’m not sure what I myself should be doing.

I am angered to see Haitians seeking asylum chased by American employees on horseback bearing whips and also that President Biden is looking for contractors to convert Guantanamo Bay into a facility for said refugees. What do I do about that?

Skylar Wildfeuer
San Francisco, CA USA

The Guardsman