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Iron Chef

By: Julia Fuller

Grab your apron and fire up the grill, the CCSF Iron Chef Competition has come to campus and left chefs inspired to become the next Julia Childs. The Culinary Arts and Hospitality Studies Department presented the cooking event to benefit the students through scholarships, funding and job opportunities. The goal was to create a three course meal comprised of different unique flavors and delicacies to impress the panel of judges and win the Iron Chef title along with a Samurai sword that serves as a trophy for the victor. Students raced to carefully carve out cucumber pieces for a spring flavored appetizer and delicately braised pieces of lamb for entrées.  

A culinary competitor is focused on the presentation of her dish.
Despite the competitive rush among fellow students, the chefs proudly presented their dishes with beautiful presentations.
There is an unspoken passion amongst students as they rush to prepare personalized plates using various culinary techniques at The Chef’s Table at Pierre Coste Dinning Room.
A panel of Culinary experts sit down to compile and discuss results before declaring a winner for the 2017 CCSF Iron Chef Competition brought to City College students in part by NEWH The Hospitality Industry Network. (Photos by Gabriella Reni)


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