Koret Grant Provides $2 Million in City College Funding

By Jerusha McDowell


City College is $2 million richer thanks to a recent grant from the Koret Foundation.

The grant, according to a Koret news release, will support new course models and technology to expand online, hybrid-online, and year-round class offerings. The money will also be used to improve transfer and graduation rates, and support first-generation students.

Tony Franquiz of Koret said the grant can also be used to fund personnel, equipment and supplies, conference and competition expenses, as well as administrative costs.

Kristen Charles, associate vice chancellor of Institutional Advancement & Effectiveness for the college said, “We are truly grateful for the Koret Foundation’s continued support of CCSF students. This most recent award will support the continuation of the Koret Scholars Program, which has been in place for the last four years and provides students with $1,000 scholarships, and will also be placed in a separate emergency fund for students.”

As for expanding online and hybrid-online coursework for students, the grant will focus on promoting educational access and expanding coursework that mirrors areas of economic growth and leads to jobs or transfer to four-year institutions. 

Under the supervision of the Online Learning and Educational Technology Dean Cynthia Dewar, a new associate dean of Online Learning will coordinate these grant activities, while also supporting online learning overall.

The award is a five-year grant retroactive to March 2020, and funding will be allocated to the college in August,” Charles said.

In 2016, the Koret Foundation donated $2 million to City College to be used for scholarships for first generation students, economically challenged students, and those who were studying sciences and math.  

According to Charles, this current donation will go towards those scholarships.

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