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Letter to Editor

In regards to Opinion Article “Closed: Chasing Lions…” written by S. Berjan,

the loss of Chasing Lions is a loss to the campus community and we wish owner/operator Mr. Konte all the best.

That said, there are inaccuracies in your article.

You stated “By committing to diversity in City College contracts, we move away from mere appearances and into a reality of equality and self-determination” and “…a tremendous loss if CCSF does not make a commitment to finding a vendor whose profits and paychecks benefit underserved communities”.

I must take exception to your comments. All the leased food service operators on campus are small/minority/local vendors. That demonstrates a serious commitment to providing opportunities and supporting our local business operators.

Kathy Hennig, Dean

Administrative Services



It was not the intent of the writer or editor to imply that City College has not held their commitment to the ethical and conscientious hiring of vendors. The opinion article was only to call attention to the situation as it currently stands, in hopes that future vendors will follow the very precedent which your decisionmaking as Dean of Administrative Services has set and which your letter refers to.

Sarah Berjan, Staff Writer

Otto Pippenger, Op-Ed Editor

The Guardsman