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Letter to the Editor: A Veteran’s Day Salute to All of Our Veterans and Reservist

The administration, faculty, staff and students would like to acknowledge and thank our City College of San Francisco Veterans and Reservists for their service at home and abroad. Our veterans have served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in other parts of the world, often at great personal sacrifice to them and their families.

The CCSF Veteran Education Benefit Program is serving over 300 veterans this semester and that number is continually increasing as the semester continues.

Here are some of the basic services provided to our CCSF Veteran students:
1.) Assistance with questions of the initial application process
2.) VA Certification so that the veteran can be paid
3.) Priority Registration each semester for our veteran students
4.) Academic and personal counseling

Referrals To:
* CCSF Campus Resources
* Department of Veterans Affairs and the services they provide
* Community resources depending upon individual need

Currently the CCSF Veterans Educational Benefits office is located in the basement of Conlan Hall in room E-2.

Office hours: Monday – Thursday 9:00am to 4:00pm, Friday 9:00am to 2:00pm.

For questions call: (415) 239-3486

Once again CCSF would like to thank you for your sacrifice and service. We wish you great success during your academic experience and in all future endeavors.

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The Guardsman