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Letter to the editor: Who’s running the show?

Why is it that a private company has so much power over a public institution?

That private company being the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges.


Because in that question lies answers that resound throughout our
economy as the 1% seeks to extort the Commons for their own selfish
ends. I think that over this next year as the San Francisco community
wrestles to the mat those who would destroy the People’s institutes of
higher learning, a great deal of back room secrecy and
political-corporate collusion will start to see the light of day. Once
again this is but one more battle among many in which all of us must
engage to preserve the Commons, those institutions the People pay for
in order to serve our General Welfare.


According to the chair of the ACCJC, ‘The ACCJC is not a governmental
or quasi-governmental entity. It was not developed to help achieve any
State objective. The ACCJC was not developed by the State, and it is
not an agent of the State, and it has not been delegated any State
function. The ACCJC is a private organization.’


So who’s running the show, comrades? Apparently the ACCJC. So the
task ahead is to find out who is behind the ACCJC? Care to weigh in?


My answer to start the dialogue would be one that probes with a


What is extortion as paid for by the 99%?


Let’s start at least looking at the realities we are being bombarded
with by the 1% and telling like it is. Let’s label their crimes
exactly for what they are.


When the Plutocrats, the Economic Royalists of this country, tell us
that we can’t have the services provided to us by our Commons through
our tax contributions, unless they can have a piece of the action in
the form of transfers of money to them, what is that but Extortion.


The charter school system at the expense of our Public School system,
the selling off of our national parks and the resources that lie on
those Public Lands, our US Postal Service in the process of being sold
off to investment firms like the one headed by the husband of Senator
Dianne Feinstein (you can count on it that a 45 cent stamp will be
relegated to the quaint relics of ancient American history and prices
will soar just to deliver a letter by a private corporation), our
colleges and universities will be auctioned off to the highest
bidders, and, if we’re still wallowing in our comfort cocoons,
thinking it hasn’t hit me yet, our entire highway, roads, bridges,
etc. infrastructure will become the domain of our overlords, wrenched
from our control, and they, the Masters of Deceit, will exact their
price for their use.


Wake up, America. They’ve already arrived. And they are right here
now in San Francisco.

The Guardsman