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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

The recent Guardsman’s article “Premature Class Cuts Halt Education Plans” can be misleading when in fact City College is offering more classes this fall semester than last fall, and some classes were cancelled due to low enrollment so that the funds could be reallocated to add high-demand classes.  There are about 27,500 students who have enrolled at City College this fall, out of which, 1,111 students were impacted by class alignments and they were notified in time to register for alternative classes through email, social media, in-person guidance and posted notices.  As a result, the overwhelming majority of students impacted were guided into available open seats and every student scheduled to graduate or transfer next May will be provided with the classes they need. If there are any student who still have concerns about their current transfer or graduation status, they should immediately reach out to our academic counselors for assistance. There were no premature class cuts, and no education plans were halted.  At City College of San Francisco, we put students first.

Connie Chan

Media Relations Director

City College of San Francisco



Response by The Guardsman:

The Guardsman stands by the accuracy and clarity of our reporter’s Issue 2 article referred to in this issue’s Letter to the Editor. The article can be read at <https://theguardsman.com/2_news_enrollmentcuts_ticsay>. If you have any questions or concerns about the article, please message our news editor at dhorowitz@theguardsman.com.


The Guardsman