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Letters To The Editor: Miles Foltz

[The following letter was submitted to the Guardsman. It was published in Issue 7, Spring 2012. It is viewable here in its original, unedited form.]

To whom it may concern,

Tyler’s attacks on the Student-Veterans of City College of San
Francisco need to come to an end; he is not promoting Student-Veteran
success, he is only using the college newspaper for his own attacks.
I’m writing this to help people understand that the attacks are

Tyler Dylan Brown was elected as the ICC (interclub counsel) for CCSF
Veterans Alliance and ran unopposed. After the election was over, he
had won, but his anger about the elections had nothing to do with the
process or the fact that he was now an officer of the Club – it had to
do with the fact that people were allowed to write in anyone that they
wanted.  Given this, 7 people decided to vote for one of the
veteran’s beloved service dog “Olive.” At the time, Tyler was
fine with the elections and election process, other than the dog
getting Votes. The election was monitored by the Dean of Student
Activities, Samuel Santos, and candidates were allowed to campaign
inside the Veterans Resource Center, as well as anywhere on campus.
People were allowed to run for more then one position as well, and if
they won both, they were given the opportunity to pick which position
they preferred and the office they declined was given to the runner
up. Everyone knew the process, and no one was misled. A short time
after becoming an officer for the Veterans Alliance, Tyler started
writing for the CCSF newspaper, The Guardsman.

In The Guardsman, Tyler Dylan Brown misquoted Marc Salgado and me
while also making up a quote for another student, Nick Garcia.  Nick
also told Tyler not to quote him before the article was published.
Nothing has been done to protect our students’ rights despite the
fact that this information has been brought to the attention to the
editor of the newspaper. The editor, Joe Fitzgerald, was informed
about this incident by Associate Dean of Student Activities, Samuel
Santos. Nick Garcia has asked for a retraction from the newspaper and
to have the article removed from the online site but nothing has been
done to this day.

This misquote added to a disagreement that was already occurring
between Nick Garcia and Tyler Dylan Brown.  Tyler’s solution to the
problem was to remove himself permanently from the Veterans Resource
Center and resign as ICC officer of the Veterans Alliance, which was
accepted by Nick and Dean Santos.  However, in The Guardsman (Volume
152 issue 6), he makes the claim that “Recently I was told by an
officer of the Veteran’s Alliance that I was no longer allowed in
the Veterans Resource Center at City College due to criticism and
concerns I raised in the last issue of the Guardsman.” I did try to
remind him of his original agreement made between Nick and Dean
Santos, but he never would answer my calls. Instead he only sent me
the below text messages after the article was released:

(Tyler Dylan Brown) I wish we could’ve got a chance to talk sooner
I’ve been busy since Sunday but id prefer if communication was in
writing…not in person or over the phone.

(Me) So you can miss quote me for the second time…..

(Tyler Dylan Brown) And the first time you conveniently gave nothing
in writing. So its just your word that I misquoted you in the first

(Tyler Dylan Brown) You guys have to really stop letting your wives
and girlfriends run the club. I mean its easier to do bc they’re way
smarter than you guys…but sometime

(Tyler Dylan Brown) s you have to use your own brains.

(Tyler Dylan Brown) Enjoy next article captain fail.

(Tyler Dylan Brown) And this is In writing. For you. Because I have a
spine enough to write my words in ink. And my next article is writtten
in ink. In print and online.

(Tyler Dylan Brown) You just don’t want to have anything in writing
bec you don’t want to be held accountable for anything you so or do so
you can have no transparency.  A f

(Tyler Dylan Brown) ew officers in the club are pissed too(Tyler Dylan
Brown) And club members.

(Tyler Dylan Brown) They cam fwd to me with hella dirt mils. Mainly
about just 3 officers. So I based my entire article on just what I was
told about 3 officers

(Tyler Dylan Brown) I didn’t name names bc I know you guys aresue
happy don’t believe in freedom of speech or democratic transparency.
But you know…that’s cool.

(Tyler Dylan Brown) There’s more to come. But I won’t ruin the
surprise because the anticipation is almost all the fun.

In The Guardsman (Volume 152 issue 5), he also attacks the Veteran
office for not processing his paper work, “For instance, I have had
nothing but problems with simple administrative task such as being
certified by the school…” After going to the Veteran office and
speaking with Omar Diaz “It was found that Tyler was taking courses
which were not on his education plan, and thus were not certifiable.
He eventually met with a counselor to revise his educations plan, and
was then promptly certified – and paid his VA benefits.” It’s
every Veteran responsibility to fallow their education plan, Veterans
can always change there mind on what they want to do with your VA
benefits, they just need a new education plan to get paid by the VA.

I don’t have a problem with news, or personal opinions. The only
thing that I have a problem with is lies and misleading statements.
This is why I’m asking Tyler Dylan Brown to make a retraction and
remove the online articles, and apologize for his actions, to Nick
Garcia, Marc Salgado, Dean Santos, the Veterans office, and me.  I
also would request that future articles written by Tyler are
fact-checked by someone other then Tyler. As for the editor, Joe
Fitzgerald, I would like to see him held accountable for not
responding faster to these problems.

Miles Foltz
President of the Veterans Alliance

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