New policy sets course to smoke-free environment


Photo by Elisa Parrino/The Guardsman
Photo by Elisa Parrino/ The Guardsman


Ocean Campus map listing the 10 designated smoking areas. Image courtesy of the San Francisco Community College District Police Department.



By Alex Lamp

The Guardsman

A new smoking policy took effect Aug.18 as City College moves towards becoming a smoke-free environment.

Ten designated smoking areas replace the “smoking within 20 feet of a door or window prohibited” policy at the Ocean campus.

According to the policy, cigarettes (tobacco), e-cigarettes, cigars, pipes, hookahs, water pipes, vapor and vapor-less equipment are banned outside designated smoking areas.

In addition, any other smoking type device may be added to the policy by a campus administrator or appropriate designee.

“A tobacco-free campus creates a healthier environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors,” read an email by a City College official to the college community, explaining the policy.

Policy affects all City College centers

The Airport center has one designated smoking area located in the rear parking lot. The Civic Center center has two located at the North and South parking lots.

Evans center has one in the front patio area and another in the rear parking lot area by the back gate. The John Adams center has one in the front patio and another at the North-side rear area under the back stairwell.

All other centers forbid smoking entirely such as the Mission, Chinatown and Downtown centers.


Campus police said that citations will not yet be given out for smoking outside of designated areas.

“We’re going to give this program a little time to be introduced to give people an opportunity to learn about it and know about it,” City College Campus Police Officer Tiffany Green said.

Repeat offenders will be asked to move into designated areas and if necessary will be referred to the dean of student affairs, Samuel Santos.

“The campus is trying to move toward a smoke-free campus. This is a step in that direction with some accommodations. We have a lot of folks who do smoke, and we don’t want to restrict them or have them feel like they’re not welcome,” Green said.


Elliot Leon, English major, smokes regularly around campus. He has heard about the new smoking policy, but doesn’t know much about it.

“I smoke almost a pack a day, usually in between classes, and I usually smoke next to the Creative Arts building,” Leon said.

Leon hasn’t heard about or seen the the areas that have been designated to smoke in.

“I smoke where ever I am and no one really bothers me.” Leon said. “If someone tells me to move away, sure thats fine, i’ll just put it out.”

Students who would like information and support regarding smoking cessation can contact the City College Student Health Services at 415-239-3110 or www.ccsf.edu/stuhealth



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