News Briefs, 10/08/08

Whale Fountain covered in response to vandalism

After a story about Robert Howard’s Whale Fountain appeared in the Aug. 27 issue of The Guardsman, the
fountain is now covered with a tarp, and fenced off on all sides. The changes are in response to vandalism of the fountain said Julia Bergman, a member of the Works of Art Committee. Plans are underway to raise funds to restore the fountain and other works of art on campus, Bergman said.

Campus radio station gets new studio at Misson campus

The Mission campus will soon be home to City College’s radio station KCSF.  According to Francine Podenski, department chair of broadcast electronic media arts, a grant proposal has been
submitted seeking funds for audio equipment for the Mission Media Studies Center, a facility shared by the broadcast and journalism departments. The Mission campus will be networked into KCSF Internet Radio and have identical equipment to Ocean campus’ studio. “We also hope to be able to install television studio production equipment by Fall 2009 in the Mission Media Studies Center television studio,” added Podenski.

Lunch Box restaurant dumps kitchen waste on campus

The Guardsman received an anonymous tip on Oct. 3 from a City College student regarding the Lunch Box and the disposal of the restaurant’s kitchen waste. The student alleged the Lunch Box dumped used cooking grease or oil onto the ground near the Lunch Box, instead of recycling or disposing of the waste properly.
A Guardsman reporter spoke with the manager of the Lunch Box, Danny Chin, who said an employee had been cleaning out the Lunch Box’s grill, and dumped the waste onto the ground beside the Lunch Box, instead of into the proper receptacle. “We will make sure that it does not happen again,” Chin said.

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