Officials identify man’s body found in water

Derek Shao. Courtesy of Facebook
Derek Shao. Courtesy of Facebook

By Charles Innis/Special to The Guardsman

The body found in the San Leandro Bay Nov. 15 was identified as 20-year-old City College student Derrick Shao by the Alameda Coroner’s Bureau.

Shao went missing Nov. 7 at around 10:30 a.m. while he was on his way to school, according to flyers distributed around campus by his family.

He left his house on Ingerson Avenue in the Bayview-Hunters Point area, en route to a Muni bus stop to catch the 29-Sunset.

His oceanography classmates, the class Shao was traveling to when he disappeared, immediately felt his loss.

“As soon as Derrick went missing, we helped spread the word through the college community,” oceanography instructor Katryn Wiese said. “During the first class we had after the police identified his body we spent time talking about him and incorporating him as much as possible into the group work we were doing.”

Shao’s friends and family told the San Francisco Chronicle that he did not have a history of disappearing without notice.

“Derrick was a good participant in class. He came to class on time with a positive attitude, prepared with his homework for all our discussions. He smiled frequently and was a good contributor. His grades and achievements were encouraging and positive,” Wiese said. “Derrick’s death is a loss for many.”

San Leandro Police are currently investigating the cause of death.

Officials at the Alameda Coroner’s Bureau said that autopsy has been performed, but the case has been “deferred for up to two months” due to required toxicological lab work.

Shao’s cousin Sam said a funeral has already taken place.

The family is discussing the possibility of a candlelight vigil for Shao, however an exact date is presently undecided.

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