Officials submit new closure report as local colleges prepare for possible transfer students

By Samantha Dennis:

A closure report required by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges was submitted Oct. 14 describing how City College would carry out the commission’s course of action if the college were to close.

Administrators, faculty, staff and students, along with the help of the community, are dedicated to making sure that the school remains open and continue to spread the word that it remains open and accredited this semester and the 2014 Spring semester.

Closure reports are required by any college facing a potential accreditation loss.

Colleges are required to prepare this report in case the final decision to close is implemented. It is not to say that the school is indeed closing.

City College refers to it as a “contingency plan.” The report consists of 104 pages, a far more in-depth report than the 14-page closure report submitted on March 15 that was rejected.

The revised copy includes seven “policy elements” that the college must address.

Of the policy elements, City College was asked to provide students with an opportunity for completion of academic degree and educational programs.

The report reads, “CCSF provides students who have completed 75% of an academic degree and education program the opportunity to complete the remainder of the program at CCSF or a receiving institution.”

Area colleges that are accessible by public transportation have indicated they would be supportive in assisting City College students. Out of the 21 potential schools, 19 have issued a “letter of intent” confirming their faithfulness to assist students with a transfer plan.

“I don’t think City College will close,” student Kevin Smith said. “Everyone is doing their part to fix the problems, so I think we will be fine.”

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