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On the Record: Do you think City College should become a smoke free campus?

By Anne-Marie Stark
Contributing Photographer

Holly Ye, 19Business Major“I don’t think it is a good idea. A lot of students are stressed and need a cigarette to calm down.”
Ewelima Salaga, 28International Business Major“I think City College should go smoke free because it is very hard for students who don’t smoke to be around students who do smoke. It’s just students don’t want to jeopardize their health and have the same rights.”
Darius Bright, 20African-American Studies Major“Very optional. A lot of people smoke and it is going to be hard to just stop. It is the right idea, but not at this time.”
Da’Ron Sims 21Undecided“I don’t like smoking. Smoking starts fights, people don’t like smoke in their face.”
Courtney Buster, 20Undecided“It should be by choice. It should be in certain areas. I don’t like walking behind people who blow smoke in my face.”

Corneagria Washington, 19Psychology Major“I don’t feel smoking should be allowed on campus. Just the fact that second hand smoke is a lot worse than actually smoking a cigarette. It is a bad example. There are kids on campus and people are allergic to smoke.”

Ally Jones, 20Bio Chemistry Major“Yes. They should have smoking sections. Compact rooms where the smoke can’t get outside and the smoke is filtered. The 20 feet away from buildings is not enough. Smoke still comes inside. It should be more like 50 feet from the building.”

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