On The Record: What was the defining moment of the past decade?

By Matt Gomez
Photos by Robert Romano

The Guardsman

Julie Pfahl_color
Julie Pfahl, Fashion Major "Lady Gaga's fabulous style and innovation. Great thing is she's actually talented, too."
Frank Gati
Frank Gati Broadcasting Major "Obama's election. Well, it's huge. Other than the obvious, a major shift in this country is becoming a multicultural country. It just becomes evident. It's always been moving in that direction."
Emily Waenik
Emily Waenik, Undeclared Major "The Sept. 11 attacks will always stand out in my memory. It was a major tragedy that forced our country together."
Zimu Wang
Zimu Wang, Business Major "I got into a university in Japan, and I studied translation between Chinese and Japanese. It helped my communication skills, and gave me the opportunity to come to the U.S. to study more skills related to communication."
Carla Cuevas
Carla Cuevas, Health Interpreter Program Major "I think that having a black president in America gave a different perspective of the U.S. to the citizens themselves. It also gave another perspective to the whole world ... hope."
Jacob Park
Jacob Park, Philosophy Major "Barack Obama is our president!"
Sarah Goldstein
Sarah Goldstein, Psychology Major "Winning M.V.P. in basketball as a freshman."