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On the road again: biking to work and school

Bike to Work Day May 10

A bicyclist with a child on board, passes by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition station, on Bike to Work Day, at Valencia and 19th St, on May 10, 2012. The child is shown to be holding the tote bags which were given out by the SFBC station. SHANE MENEZ / THE GUARDSMAN
(From left to right) Ruby, Hazel and Brett visit the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition on Bike to Work Day at Valencia and 19th St near the Mission Campus on May 10, 2012. Brett is a member of the SFBC and a current student at City College. SHANE MENEZ / THE GUARDSMAN
Student Leslie Calderon locks up her bicycle on the Mission Campus, on Bike To Work Day, May 10, 2012. Leslie prefers biking to school, she says "My bus takes forever, and biking is cheaper." SHANE MENEZ / THE GUARDSMAN

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