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On The Record: Is Palin unfit for VP?

By Stephanie Rice

Pam Michaelson, 26
“No. She really does not stand for women’s rights.  I’m pro-life, but there’s a point where abortion should be legal – rape or incest.  She’s also against stem-cell research.  I’ve had family members die of cancer.  She’s totally not qualified.  I’m pro-life, but there’s a limit.”

Devon Angus, 32
History Major
“She’s the complete anathema to all of my values, so whether she’s experienced or not is not as much of a concern for me.  My overriding worry is who she is as a person.  Experience is secondary to the fact that she scares the hell out of me. ”

Gabrielle Everett, 23
Creative Writing Major
“I don’t know that much about her except that she’s not qualified!  If the majority of people think that, then I agree.”

Justin Frances, 29
Philosophy Major
“I don’t know too much about her.  I think she might be qualified, but that’s not to say I would vote for her.  She might have enough political experience.  I’m more concerned about the strong religious undertones.”

Lou Li, 24
“I really don’t think she’s qualified.  She doesn’t have any experience in a national office.  People talk about Obama’s experience, but Obama has strong political statements.  She’s just going with McCain.”

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