Peter Hernandez is Grace Pool: a solo musical artist

By Rachael Garcia
The Guardsman

Peter Hernandez, 21, is a City College journalism student and Mission district resident with a passion for music.  His solo experimental band Grace Pool has released its first full-length album, “Fruits of Earth.”

Hernandez describes Grace Pool as “the confrontation of societal expectations and one’s uncertainty through verse, graphic design, typography, and music.”

“It is youthful romance as explored through a multi-instrument and genre approach to songwriting that defies any particular time or preconceived sound,”  he said.

Grace Pool’s sound is inspired by 1980s New Wave bands like The The and by some of today’s experimental electronic music like Caribou and Planningtorock as well as the vocal and guitar progressions of independent rock music, such as that of the Dirty Projectors.

“I’m trying to take the genres I like, then blend them together and produce something new,” he said.

In addition, Hernandez gets inspiration from “the seasons and my intense feelings regarding love and growth.”  His past romances can be seen through his songs and verses which he uses to “capture moments or emotions in a certain time.”

Hernandez appreciates the reemergence of the saxophone. He’s been hearing it recently in commercial and independent music.  “It’s something universal, reconstructed from the past. I think that’s fantastic, so I try to adapt that as well in my music,” he said.  “But generally, I just like music that is trying, experimenting, and sounding fantastic.”

He’s been making music since he was 15-years-old and started Grace Pool as his newest project in January of 2011.

When he first started experimenting with music he said he used to sit under his friend’s Magnolia tree protesting the Bush administration, saying, “This is Peter Hernandez in the studio,” with a bit of snickering into his tape recorder. He still uses that tape recorder.

The newly-released eight songs by Grace Pool are online at and the album is $5 at, which is linked through the same eye-catching blog.  The site also has Grace Pool music videos shot in Bernal Heights and the Mission District. The high production values and conceptual visuals which gives you one of those nice nostalgic feelings that makes you want to go run through a forest.

Grace Pool will be performing at Haus Coffee in the Mission district on Dec. 11.  With its electronic and upbeat yet personalized sound, Grace Pool is definitely something to be checked out.


Where: Haus Coffee, 3085 24th St. at Folsom, San Francisco

When: Sunday December 11, 2011 8pm – 9pm

Free, no reservations required


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