Phelps creates Olympic overload


United States swimming sensation Michael Phelps has finally wrapped up his Olympics, winning eight gold medals in the process.

It comes not a moment too soon. I, for one, am excited to hear about something else.

Michael Phelps’ feat is impressive, but NBC’s coverage of him has been sickening.

I love the Olympics as much as anyone, but I tune in every night to see the world’s best athletes compete, not to watch a clock pop up every five minutes to tell me exactly how long until Phelps will appear again.

The men’s 4X100 meter freestyle relay was the most exciting swimming event of the Olympics.

The U.S men needed a win to keep Phelps’ hope of eight gold medals alive.

Despite being considered the underdogs to the French, American Jason Lezak delivered an unbelievable swim on the final leg, giving the U.S, and Phelps, a gold medal.

Was the footage of Jason Lezak’s phenomenal swim used in the highlight reels?

Not anywhere near as much as the now famous shot of Michael Phelps screaming like a maniac.

Will Lezak be on a Wheaties cereal box?

On, Michael Phelps’ name gets about 8.6 million hits, while Lezak, the real hero, receives less than half a million.

I don’t have anything against Phelps. He is without a doubt a great athlete, arguably the best swimmer ever. But the Olympics are meant to be a celebration of all the world’s best athletes, not the celebration of one man.

I love the Olympics. I like Michael Phelps. I even don’t mind that the tape delay means that I have to avoid the internet every evening.

The Olympics are meant to be a celebration of sport, not the creation of a celebrity. I’ll watch Barack Obama if I want to see that.