High Times with ‘Express’


The relationship between you and your pot dealer is unique. Both of you share a common goal of getting high and usually talking about getting high. But could you ever imagine spending the night in a tree with your dealer, or shooting up a barn for him?

The hilarious Seth Rogan as the buyer and James Franco as the dealer take you there and further in Pineapple Express. After Dale, played by Rogan, witnesses a murder, the two go on the run. Their totally high, totally clumsy adventure is packed with plenty of action to satisfy even the non-smokers.

If you smoke this movie is super funny, if you’re not a stoner this movie is super funny. Judging by the commercials for it you would think this is more of an action film than anything else. Also misleading from the trailer is the theme song “Paper Planes” by MIA. Not once in the movie is this song played, however this does not take away from the film.

This hilarious slapstick comedy is full of crazy “remember when…” stories and decisions only stoners would make. Pineapple Express is probably not going to win any awards, unless they are from High Times, the magazine dedicated to pot smoking, but it is still very much worth seeing.

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