November 19 Police Blotter

Faculty permit confiscated

An officer on duty observed a female who appeared to be studying in her car that was parked in an area designated for faculty on Nov. 5.

The officer suspected that the person was not a faculty member, and proceeded to approach and question the suspect. Upon conducting an interview with the alleged suspect, the officer found that the alleged suspect was a student instead of a faculty member and misusing a faculty parking permit.

The permit confiscated and a report was forwarded to the Dean of Student Affairs.

Police respond to Marina disturbance

A male suspect was reported by security personnel at Marina Middle School as acting agitated and breaking car windows while classes were being held on the evening of Nov. 6.

College police were dispatched to the location of the alleged disturbance. When officers arrived, the alleged suspect was found on the ground with cuts on his hand.

Officers also reported observing a car window and driver side mirror were shattered at the same location. Paramedics were called to bandage the suspect’s hand, who then was transported to San Francisco General Hospital for a 72-hour mental Health evaluation.

Angry student kicks car, police say
Officers responded to an employee that was reporting vandalism to his car by a female student on Cloud Circle near the Creative Arts Building on the afternoon of Nov. 7.

The student allegedly kicked the employee’s car after she yelled for the driver to stop, accusing him of a almost hitting her service dog. Witnesses reportedly said the employee was driving at a safe speed, but that the dog was almost hit while the employee drove by, angering the student.

Officers respond to bloody nose

Paramedics were at the Science Building on the afternoon on Nov. 11 reportedly responding to a student’s husband who had a bloody nose.

Officers noticed the paramedics and inquired about the emergency. According to the report, the officers then assisted the student with her car that was parked in front of the science building. Custodians were called to clean up the blood left on the floor, according to the report.

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