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College recognizes students chosen name for first time

By Bethaney Lee


Students’ fight for the right to be called by their chosen name at City College has been won.

Starting this semester, students can now submit a form to the Office of Admissions and Records to inform the school of the first name they would preferred to be called. The change would render legal first names switched to a preferred first name on class role sheets, Web4 and Canvas.

The forms provide a pivotal step towards preferred name in the classroom but still come with limitations. Though internally a student’s name can be switched to the use of a preferred one; school identification cards, financial aid records and diplomas will still be issued with the student’s legal name.

Students who already have a legal name change are advised to fill out a request for a change in directory information which can be handed in to the Office Admission and Records. This will ensure all documents are switched to the correct legal name used by the student.

Program Manager of Health Education and Gender Diversity Project Coordinator, Andrew Ciscel, sent out an email Jan. 19 that said, “We have a huge success in institutional change for trans-affirming education and support services here at City College!” Ciscel added, “This first name change option will also benefit many students beyond trans and gender variant folks.

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