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Hashtag to win $2,000 scholarship contest

By Barbara Muniz  

Heads Up America (HUA) offered a $2,000 scholarship contest. Whoever attended school, is 16 years or older, a U.S. resident, high school senior, community college students and alumni were invited to apply.

HUA, under the educational umbrella of the non partisan College Promise Programs organization aim to have free community colleges nationwide. The goal is to flag a broad and unquestionable crisis that many students face nowadays, as they struggle to juggle their financial budget with school costs. Often times, they can not afford to finish their community college studies due to pressure and extra bills, returning to full time work to get rid of their debts. Thinking about these less fortunate ones, James Schuelke, Sr. Director of Engagement & Advocacy with Heads Up America, said:  

“As a community college graduate, I’m proud of the education I received and the value my teachers and peers contributed to my life,” and emphasized, “‘for too many students the cost of a community college education puts it out of reach.”

Vote for your favorite entry with the #FreeCommunityCollege hashtag by Oct, 22. Follow what is important to you, make a difference to your and others’ educational needs. Register at the Heads Up America website to watch some related videos and be connected, be informed!

Heads Up America's logo.
Heads Up America’s logo.


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