Vote, Vote, Vote!

Illustration by Manon Cadenaule/The Guardsman. Instagram: @Cadenaulem.
Illustration by Manon Cadenaule/The Guardsman. Instagram: @Cadenaulem.

Staff Editorial

By The Guardsman Staff


We need to understand the issues and challenges of our country. Voters must be informed, so they can choose the candidates who share their values.


What is most important to you? There are so many important issues, including health care, police brutality, guaranteed paid sick-leave, climate change, gun violence, immigration, fair pay, reproductive justice, education, student debt, voting rights, the census, and the list goes on and on. 


Your needs must be heard loud and clear across the nation. This is the only way will we get politicians to listen to our needs as citizens of this country. There is no valid excuse to shirk exercising our civic and democratic duty, and as an example of a collaborative effort, many employers offer paid time to go vote.


Our nation’s voting system is complicated, there is a lot of misinformation, and this year’s election is very different due to the pandemic.


We know that our right to vote is guaranteed, that there are laws and procedures, as well as poll workers who are trained to ensure voting in this electoral contest.


People who have survived voter suppression are some of the greatest champions of voter rights. We learn the value of the vote through the experiences of Black Americans, and the American woman, who once disenfranchised; they do not take the vote for granted.


It is days before Nov. 3, a day that will go down in the history of our country’s democracy because Americans will have expressed their feelings and power throughout the nation.


An open democracy requires its citizens to exercise their participation in our nation’s politics, either by voting by mail or at the ballot box, but on time. Our democracy is at stake, and voting cannot be inconvenient for anyone at any time in the history of our democracy.


If they are not concerned about the future of American democracy, they are not paying attention, and that involves all the citizens of this country.


By voting,  great changes that benefit our nation can be achieved. We have in our hands the responsibility for the present and future of this country, our actions will have an impact on the next generations.


The United States has been the world leader and has demonstrated it with the years, the power of our nation, our unity can do something unique to our country.


Regardless of your party or candidate preference, today our democracy has already been attacked, and the only weapon that can fight it is the vote.


Each of us has a responsibility to exercise this right, regardless of the kind of color or idea, all citizens have the power to change the great policies for a prosperous future in our nation. 


You and your friends have to attend these ballot boxes, great young people are the future of this nation, and a single vote can make a big difference in this competitive election with two great visions that divide our nation by 2020.