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Board passes smoking ban after carving out exception for medical marijuana

By Abraham Davis


The board of trustees passed the smoke-free campus ban at their April 26 meeting after making amendments to accommodate medical marijuana users.

The policy bans smoking at all campuses and removes the designated smoking areas which will be implemented in August.

Chancellor Mark Rocha raised the issue of medical marijuana users who would be affected by the ban. “The issue is individuals on campus who may possess a medical marijuana card. How would that be covered in this, and should we reference that in some way?” he said at the meeting.

Trustee Tom Temprano said he wouldn’t be comfortable voting for the policy unless it included language ensuring medical marijuana users retained access to their prescribed medication.

“I think it’s important … to have a process in which medical cannabis patients can, in consultation with the administration or student health, come up with a plan for access to their medicine, should it be most effective for them to be smoked,” Temprano said.

The board amended the language to make sure there is a section acknowledging medical marijuana users and places they can use their medicine. The amended ban passed unanimously.

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