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Smoking rules unenforced


On Feb. 16, as I was leaving through an open door at Cloud Hall, I found myself in a plume of cigarette smoke. Four students were hanging out at the entrance, three of whom were smoking.

As someone who gets adverse effects from cigarette smoke due to asthma and other conditions, I was concerned.

The officers seemed bothered when I asked about the ubiquitous no-smoking signs around campus. After a brief verbal runaround, the officers eventually told me it wasn’t really a policy, and that they would not enforce it. Five minutes later, at the Deans office, I was told that – not only is it a campus policy – but it is also part of the California Educational code that governs community colleges.

When I tried to speak to Chief Barnes I was directed to Sergeant Gaytan – who just happened to be one of the same 6 officers that initially blew me off. After prodding him with my new-found knowledge, he finally admitted that smoking is so rampant on campus that it’s just easier for them to not enforce the California Educational Code – something he could have been up front with me about initially instead of lying to me.

I find it outrageous that our campus police can exercise such logic. If enough students started openly shooting heroin, or if enough students were raped, would it become okay, and be tolerated?

Are students even safe on campus with police that govern themselves outside the realm of their own regulations? Shame on Chief Barne’s reign of laziness and ineffectiveness. It seems that a colossal amount of money (from our student fees and taxes we pay) is being wasted on campus security. Especially as police officers, they certainly set a bad example for the Student Body by picking and choosing what rules they want to follow. CCSF’s finest? I think not.

Tobias Medina
Broadcast Journalism


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