Solar power fuels Earth Day celebration

Students visit the Earth Day celebration held at Ocean campus on April 18, 2013. Photo by Shelly Scott/The Guardsman

Participants enjoy fresh beats and juice

By Jackson Ly

The Guardsman

A sunny morning at City College provided all the energy needed to power two turntables and an amplifier via solar energy, kick-starting the April 18 Earth Day event as the DJ blasted electronic beats outside the Multi-Use Building at Ocean campus.

Co-President of the CCSF Green Corps Dominik Zelichowski, also known as DJ Dom,  controlled the turntables powered by four solar panels provided by Hitesh Soneji, a faculty member in the engineering and technology department.

“We need to educate the community. We want solar panels everywhere. We want sustainable offices,” Zelichowski said. “It’s sexy to be green.”

The organization hosted organic fruit vendors and provided organic juices, food trucks, live musicians, jewelry vendors and environmental activist groups.

Katherine Howard, a City College alumna and member of the Steering Committee at SF Ocean Edge, said Earth Day at City College is a good way to meet students who are bright and committed to the environment.

“It’s really important for students to get involved because they are the future,” Howard said.

Anastasia Fiandaca, City College’s counseling-sustainability liaison, said that the first step is to stay educated about the environment and to be aware of individual choices. These include driving less, biking more, and turning off the lights.

“It’s a wonderful way to be environmentally conscious because you’re taking cars off the road,” City Car Share staffer Amelia Avila said. “For every one car you share, we’re taking away seven cars.”

A prototype of a solar oven was on display, using the greenhouse effect to generate power, which is similar to how the inside of a car heats up during a hot day. The purpose of the oven is to reduce local environmental pollution and increase public safety.

Environmental Issues in Legislation

Board of Supervisors representative John Avalos spoke about his commitment to the environment by calling on students to contact the Board of Supervisors to support his proposed divestment resolution next week.

“I am also putting forward a resolution that will be voted on next week at the full board to divest part of our $15.6 billion in retirement funds from fossil fuel companies, which will include Shell,” Avalos said.

Avalos was one of eight San Francisco Board of Supervisors who voted last year in favor of CleanPowerSF, a program that will compete with PG&E by purchasing clean power from Shell Energy, according to the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

In response to a proposed seven acre artificial turf soccer complex with 150,000 watts of sports lighting next to Ocean Beach, the Sierra Club and SF Ocean Edge teamed up to stop its construction.

The organizations want to preserve seven acres of natural grass in The Beach Chalet fields in Golden Gate Park. Instead of replacing the field with turf, they proposed the idea of renovating it by adding grass turf to accommodate moles.
“The Coastal Commission will be taking up our cause in the next two weeks,” Chapter Director of the San Francisco Bay Sierra Club Michelle Myers said.

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