Southeast corner of campus see’s repairs

By Bethaney Lee


Campus buildings are seeing improvement after suffering from heating problems since the beginning of the 2017 Spring semester.

Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities, Linda Da Silva, issue an email announcing the latest update on campus gas service repairs.

“Equal Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS) is re-occupying their building today,” Silva said and added that “trenching and replacement gas service piping to the Student Union is underway.”

The Creative Arts building and the Visual Arts building are still awaiting pump and coupler replacements before heat will be fully restored in either campus building.

Coupler for the visual Arts building was said to be received on Feb. 27 according to the Buildings and Grounds website. Installation was said to be underway.  

“Employee Parking Lot H is scheduled to be re-opened,” Silva said “pending completion of final cleaning and trench filling operations.”

To stay updated on progress and to be aware of other outages at City College you can visit the Buildings and Grounds web page available through the City College web site.    


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