Rams never back down in 88-67 win against San Mateo

By Onyx Hunter

In the Ram’s Feb. 3 108-76 thrashing of Skyline College the theme was modest defense. On Feb. 10 it was an adamant offense by the CCSF Rams men’s basketball team that achieved another rout, 86-67, at home against San Mateo.
City College in the first half stayed focused on point men, harassing them into making mistakes.
Rams players became walls between San Mateo and goals, with San Mateo players slipping over themselves in the face of stalwart defense.
Within the first few minutes San Mateo earned numerous fouls crashing into the Rams, more than once being forced to turn over the ball to the Rams, who were careful and decisive in their guardianship of the court.
One Ram would corner San Mateo’s point man every round, locking the ball on San Mateo’s side of the court.
The Rams were simultaneously immovable and mobile threats that could flip the ball’s ownership. Perhaps wary of committing more fouls and mistakes, San Mateo allowed the Rams to get into their personal space and block them aggressively.

San Mateo’s defense was flawed and the Rams would break for it, collapsing on openings in the sides. Running and cutting like knives gliding through meat, the Rams scored many field goals because of misallocated defenders.
San Mateo’s synergies were poor here and the Rams capitalized on it, owning the court with a 52-30 lead at the end of the first half.
It was a slam dunk that could not be forgotten; the Rams earned their horns today.
The Rams have two games next week facing off against Ohlone and Foothill, two teams they dominated. Foothill may yet prove they can beat City College if they take on more players in the coming weeks; otherwise the Rams stand far more than running chances against the teams they’vebeaten before.

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