State Your Fashion:Greg Purdue

By Clive Walker

Greg Purdue, 22

Metal Head

Lots of people like to let their favorite genre of music influence what they wear and how they present themselves to the world.

City College student Greg Purdue is one of them. With his classic blue jeans, Chucks, full-sleeve tattoo, and Morbid Angel T-shirt, he walks around Ocean campus with an attitude and demeanor that only a hard rocker could pull off.

“I listen to metal from every era and some hardcore,” Purdue said. He prefers to wear t-shirts with his favorite band names on them. “I like to support the bands I listen to and dress as simply as possible.”

Purdue likes to purchase most of his T-shirts at concerts. If a band he likes doesn’t play in the U.S., he buys their shirt online.

His tattoos are more than just a fashion statement. “They help define who I am by expressing my thoughts and beliefs,” Purdue said.

Purdue is a food runner at a restaurant by night while finishing his general education requirements here at City College.

When asked which band he would see if he could see any band in history, he replied, “Led Zeppelin because, well, they’re Led Zeppelin.”

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