Lead suspect in Bryan Stow beating still not charged

Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck declined, Thursday, May 26, 2011, at a news conference in Los Angeles, to reveal the results of a witness lineup involving the suspect Giovanni Ramirez, 31, in the beating of a San Francisco Giants fan outside Dodger Stadium, but said he remains confident police arrested the right man. (Bob Chamberlin/Los Angeles)

By Jasmine Nebre
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Due to a lack of evidence and a valid alibi, ex-convict Giovanni Ramirez has not been charged for the beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow, however he is still the lead suspect and remains in custody due to a parole violation as the Los Angeles Police Department continue their investigation.

“It’s important that LAPD make an arrest of the perpetrators of the incident, but they should make sure they arrested the right suspect,” Los Angeles Dodgers season ticket-holder Daniel Goto said.

The detectives from LAPD’s northeast division were originally coordinating the case, but the demands of the case are more complex and prolonged than they thought. Now, detectives from the Robbery Homicide Department, a special unit better equipped to investigate complex, high-profile cases, is handling the incident.

“I still believe that the arrest of Giovanni Ramirez was appropriate and he is still the primary suspect in this case,” LAPD Chief of Police Charlie Beck said. Ramirez has taken two lie detector test since his arrest, but the results have not been released. LAPD would not disclose anymore information to the public to prevent any interferences with the progress of the case.

During one of their many television interviews, the Ramirez family claimed the suspect has never been to Dodger Stadium. Ironically, The San Francisco Examiner reported that among Ramirez’s many tattoos is an LA Dodgers logo.

Dodger fan Bryan Cardella said he feels bad for what happened to the victim but he wonders if Stow was trash talking.

“There is never an excuse for physical violence at a game, but part of me thinks that this attack was not completely unprovoked… Please don’t let the idiotic actions of a couple Dodger fans spoil the best rivalry in baseball,” Cardella said.

TMZ, a Los Angeles-based celebrity news website, released a cell phone video which shows Stow in a verbal altercation with a Dodgers fan identified as Juan Banda. According to TMZ, Banda said Stow openly mocked surrounding Dodgers fans saying he would “rather eat his own feces than eat a Dodger dog.” Banda has met with LAPD and they do not consider him to be a suspect.

LAPD is still searching for Stow’s second attacker, as well as a woman who aided in their escape. “The department will continue to pursue leads that may convict a suspect just as vigorously as we pursue those that may exonerate a suspect,” Police Chief Beck said.

There are a number of billboards around the Los Angeles area asking the public to aid the LAPD in their search. There is currently a $200,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of Stow’s attackers.

From a young fan’s perspective, Adrian Mesina would like to tell Giants fans that not all Dodger fans are like the two men involved in the incident. “Baseball is supposed to be a family sport, but because of all this, fans are now afraid to go to Dodger Stadium,” Mesina said.

LAPD has opened an office within Dodger Stadium where they hope to receive any tips regarding the incident, as well as prevent any future problems with rival fans.

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