State Your Fashion: Earlesha West

By Annabelle Day

Earlesha West,18
Humanitarian Chic

Earlesha West describes her look as “classy”, with pink as her favorite color.

“I like to coordinate earrings and a bracelet, and sometimes a necklace when I want to look cute,” West said. Her favorite places to shop are H&M, Against All Odds, Basics, and Shiekh Shoes.

This is her first semester at City College. She signed up for classes after reading about the high transfer rate at City College. West’s plan is to work on the skills she needs to transfer to a four year college.

West hopes to volunteer at the YMCA in Berkeley to help adolescents better themselves by improving their lives.

“Ladies should carry themselves in a self-respecting way, and not feel they have to expose themselves. You can still look good covered up,” West said.

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