City College kicks off first ever Come-Unity Day

By Nick Squires
Staff Writer

City College’s first Come-Unity Day, sponsored by the Associated Students Council to promote programs on campus, brought food, music, clubs, and campus organizations to the Ocean campus Sept. 17.

“Come-Unity day was created to address the communication problems between students and faculty and unify the campus. It is a simple way for students to address facilitators face to face at our institution and find our common threads,” said Christopher Gomora, vice president of the inter-club council.

“It was a process to get here, but the process has been started by the largest number of clubs ever for this institution, and the strongest A.S. council in years,” Gomora said.

More than 20 clubs and campus organizations reflected the diversity of City College’s student population as they filled the amphitheater outside the Community Health and Wellness Center and Ram Plaza with tables, introducing their clubs and themselves to students.

“We were surprised by the turnout,” Gomora said. “Each club reached reached out to nearly 150 people.”

Associated Student’s Council president Josh Neilson and Interim Chancellor Dr. Don Griffin opened the event with brief announcements. Mario Marquez, A.S. Vice President of Cultural Affairs then introduced Assistant Dean of Student Activities Charlton “Skip” Fotch who received a plaque for seven years of hard work, mentoring and patience.

“I’ve been gifted with great, outstanding student leaders who directly impact students, and represent the quality, depth and breadth of the student population,” Fotch said.

Many new groups and clubs were present at the first Come-Unity Day. The Italian club, which was officially recognized only two days before the event, drew members from the strong Italian language program at the Castro Valencia Campus. “We like to think of the whole city as our club,” David Zaniba, president of the Italian club, said.

The Computer Programming Club was resurrected last semester with the goal to teach members about computer repairs through instructional workshops, while working to bring members to some of the best employers in the field. “We’re trying to get speakers and tours of Intel and Google,” club vice president Nathan Worley said.

The Judo Club will compete in the upcoming U.S. Open Judo Championships and is looking to host the “City College of San Francisco Invitational Judo Tournament” at the Wellness Center December 7. “Our sensei is trying to get Olympic coaches, as well as Ronda Rousey, who won the bronze medal in women’s judo to come and speak at City College,” advanced judo student Devan Green said.

The Judo club also held a public exhibition in the amphitheater, while reggae artist Ras K’ Dee played music. Native American recording artist SAGE, as well as Apostle and the Beat Boys also performed during the afternoon of Come-Unity day.

Students who visited ten booths for signatures and completed the survey on the back of their meal card were treated to a meal and entered into a drawing for gift certificates, courtesy of the Associated Students Council.

“How do you get people to an event? Food!” said ASC Vice President of Student Affairs Mario Marquez. “The survey helps us to know what students liked about this event and will help when planning the next one.”

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