State Your Fashion: Nicole Hardwick

By Michael Gallegos

Nicole Hardwick, 19

Hip Chic
Life in San Francisco can be expensive. Actually, the cost of living can be outrageous for students anywhere in the world.

Nicole Hardwick, a thrift shop junkie, is influenced be the endless possibilties of vintage clothes. Nicole personalizes her own style.

“I listen to Hip-Hop, House, R&B and especially Lauryn Hill, but music doesn’t really influence my style.”

Her laid back, collected appearance, however, could very well be influenced by those genres, maybe even a tribute to Ms. Hill.

“I go to stores like Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads, and thrift shops, mainly in the Haight.”

Nicole, who is studying Sociology and Salesmanship here at City College. pays the bills by tending bar at a club.

When asked what she would wear if money was no object,  she said, “I would go big, probably Versace, Gucci. I’ve wanted to shop at Bloomingdales, it’s just so expensive, and I love Betsey Johnson.”

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