State Your Fashion


By Natalie Coreas
Staff Writer

Chiyo Komori, 31
Young, fresh and Japanese

If you are trying to copy City College student Chiyo Komori’s style, tough luck; you’ll have to go all the way to Nagoya, Japan.

“I brought and bought everything from Japan,” said the 31-year-old fashion merchandising student.

Komori says that she usually doesn’t plan what she is going to wear in advance, but follows her impulses every morning.

“It is just a feeling I have, and everyday I have a different style, ” Komori said.

While in Japan, Komori didn’t have to shop around for her clothes a lot. She frequented only one shop, where her sister worked.

“They imported clothes from all different countries that carried different styles for young people,” said Komori.

Komori was able to find everything from her trendy knee high, fur lined, brown lace up boots, to her baby girl pink wooden, “love you forever” earrings at her sisters store. Her outfit cost, which also incuded her wooly white hat and accompanying accessories only cost her about a hundred dollars.

Komori has only been in the US one year as an international student, but she hopes to own and run her very own shop in San Francisco, one that carries Japans fashionable styles.

“Eventually I hope to have my own clothing shop, even though it is hard,” said Komori.

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