The “Fake” Struggle is Real

November 21, 2016 The Guardsman 0

Apparently appropriation is the new fashion equivalent of the little black dress, and trends of cultural and socio-economic appropriation are currently undergoing a renaissance.

English department hosts workshop

October 9, 2016 The Guardsman 0

City College English professor Julie Young featured author Calla Devlin for the first installment of the English department’s “Visiting Writers Series” event on Sept. 12 at the Ocean Campus’ Rosenberg Library.

Decoding City College’s hackers

October 9, 2016 The Guardsman 1

Computer hacker—just stating those words often conjures up images of a disillusioned 20-something, with a hefty chip on his shoulder and eyes marbled red from one too many espresso shots.

Weekly Tarot Reading

September 21, 2016 The Guardsman 0

Working with animal energy is about tapping into the universal force of nature and all that Mother Earth creates in the animal kingdom. Chances are, you’ve used colloquialisms like “wise as an owl” or “sharp as a hawk”; using the archetypal energy of the animal world helps produce a clearer picture of possible life paths to take.