Weekly Tarot Reading


By Adina Pernell

Adina Pernell is a reiki master, energy worker, crystal healer, massage therapist and student of the esoteric. She uses the “Druid Animal Oracle” tarot deck created by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, which features original illustrations by Bill Worthington.

Working with animal energy is about tapping into the universal force of nature and all that Mother Earth creates in the animal kingdom. Chances are, you’ve used colloquialisms like “wise as an owl” or “sharp as a hawk”; using the archetypal energy of the animal world helps produce a clearer picture of possible life paths to take.


foxOverall Mood of the Campus

Card Drawn: The Fox

Represents: Cunning, diplomacy, wildness

The spirit of calm rationality reigns supreme during the next two weeks. Know when to keep mum and when to speak up and be heard. Be true to your heart and be bold without being rash and thoughtless with your words. Diplomacy will get you far when dealing with teachers, students and co-workers during these times of political complexity and policy changes on the campus.




Upcoming Midtermshawk

Card Drawn: The Hawk (Reversed)

Represents: Nobility, recollection, cleansing

Midterms could be a challenge this semester if you sweat the small stuff. Practice memorizing the larger context of your course materials. Be precise but not so hardlined that you fail to take in the bigger picture. Approach your exams with the purest of intentions. Cutting corners won’t work this time. Also, be careful not to focus so much on your studies that you forget to connect with family, loved ones or things you like to do. Take time to let the material breathe and sink in.



Card Drawn: The Stag (Reversed)

Represents: Pride, independence, purification

As the late Tupac Shakur said, “You gotta keep your head up.” You might be having a particularly hard time juggling all of your responsibilities this semester. Reassess what’s important to you. It might be necessary to let one thing go in order to keep afloat. Ask yourself what needs to be sacrificed and where you are stretching yourself too thin. It might mean giving up those extra hours you volunteered at work, bowing out of a social engagement or saying no when someone unnecessarily imposes on your time. Use your judgement and cut the deadweight.


Illustrations by Auryana Rodriguez


The Guardsman