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Indigenous Peoples of the Bay Area: A History of Survival

February 9, 2021 The Guardsman 0

Given the massive diversity in languages, family groups, customs, and cultures, the native people of the northern and central California coasts likely would not have seen themselves as belonging to any single common group prior to the arrival of the Spanish. To some degree, this persists today, with many local Indigenous people self-identifying primarily as members of one or more of approximately 58 distinct regional cultures that are grouped under the umbrella-term “Ohlone.” 

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Dia de los Muertos: Fruitvale celebrates the dead

November 4, 2008 The Guardsman 1

The Dia de los Muertos festival in Fruitvale ran down Oakland’s International Boulevard, stretching from Fruitvale Avenue to 39th Avenue on Oct. 26, 2008. The main attractions were the altars, a Dia de los Muertos staple, created by professional artists and members of the public who were moved to honor life and death.