Teresa Cullen: Student worker aims for psychology degree

The Guardsman

Lance Kramer

Theresa Cullen is a 23-year-old City College student working as a student ambassador with the Office of Outreach and Recruitment Services in the Multi-Use Building on City College’s Ocean campus.

Cullen, who has attended CCSF for three years, was referred to her current federal work-study job by her counselor. She has worked there for over two years. Before that she worked in the City College Book Loan Program.

As a student ambassador, Cullen does general office work, makes informational packets for campus visitors, gives tours of the school and its facilities, makes presentations, gives college overviews and even travels to other schools to give overviews if they are requested.

“I have lots of majors,” Cullen joked. “Which one do you want to know?”

“I’ve got two A.A.’s from here, and then I’m just finishing up my English class so that I can transfer,” she said. “I have an A.A. in criminal justice, and I have one in social and behavioral science, and once I transfer I will be a psychology major.”

Cullen enjoys working on campus because of the convenience, and the willingness of her employer to work with her class schedule. She works the maximum amount allowed through the work-study program, which is 15 hours per week. She says she feels that $9.00 per hour is fair.

“I view the work-study as a benefit, especially since lots of jobs want you to come in with experience,” she said. “Work-study doesn’t, and it gives you the opportunity to work in a work environment and get used to it, and have something on your resume while attending school.”
Speaking about the difference between City College’s work-study wages and San Francisco’s minimum wage of $10.24 per hour, Cullen said, “I wish the work-study was more but I’m not really complaining because I really enjoy my job and the $9 is fine for me.”