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Thank you, San Francisco, for supporting CCSF!

We faculty at City College of San Francisco want to say Thank You San Francisco!

Thank you for your show of support for City College by approving Measure “A” by a resounding 72%! Your vote of confidence shows us that City College is valued, vital, and essential to our City. Thank you also for approving Prop 30!

On behalf of the college’s department chairs and the faculty that we represent, we take your message to heart. We are busy preparing for the new semester.

As the registration process begins, we encourage you to consider taking a course or two. Make us part of your resolutions for 2013! Complete a degree or certificate. Earn transfer units. Prepare for a new career or a promotion. Participate in adult education. Encourage someone you know to enroll. Enroll locally! Enroll today!

As we work to transform and redefine City College, know that it is the goal of department chairs to serve you, our community. We continue to work to support you in making your dreams come true! Check out our new Spring 2013 schedule at www.ccsf.edu. Our doors are open and we welcome you!

Kathleen White
Department of Development & Family Studies

Cynthia Dewar
Department of Educational Technology

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