Three School Board Members’ Future Dictated by Recall Results

By: Tim Hill


The school board recall effort reached a fever pitch on September 7 when member Alison Collins suspended her multi-million dollar lawsuit against the effort being mounted by London Breed. Three members in particular-Gabriela Lopez, Faauuga Molifa, and Collins herself- have raised the ire of the mayor due to their contrasting philosophies on the school board budget and how that can best serve the community at large. 

Opponents of Breed’s philosophies of appointees will be fighting a tough fight after the election, especially if these opponents get recalled. Supporters submitted 81,200 signatures, which carries considerable weight in a small city like San Francisco. If she succeeds, the consequences could be drastic, namely because of the ongoing power struggle between both the Board of Supervisors and the school board. Both have a mostly progressive roster of elected officials, some of whom could be ousted for candidates that share Breed’s more moderate views. 


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