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Trustees Seek To Promote Campus Diversity and Equity

By Casey Michie


The Board of Trustees unanimously passed a resolution on June 24 aimed at increasing and expanding checks and reviews to promote diversity and equity on campus.

Trustees resolved to three steps towards that end which consisted of enacting district initiatives, participation in biannual implicit bias and cultural competency training, and annual reviews of compliance to the California Education Code Equal Employment Opportunity standards and to those outlined in the Chancellor’s Office Certification Form.

Trustee Davila introduced resolution 109 “Affirming San Francisco Community College District Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” which received vocal support both from Trustees and public commenters.

The resolution, which is considered by Trustee Davila a starting point, is not specific as to which District initiatives might be implemented, or how, and while it does cite City College’s diverse student population and resolves to review “procedures for addressing diversity throughout hiring steps and levels,” it does not outline figures on faculty make-up. 

“This resolution recommends implementing some of the many ideas that are in the statewide publication regarding [diversity],” Trustee Davila notes, “this [resolution] gets the ball rolling, that is what it is designed to do.”


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